Beyond Construction Cleaning: We Also Offer Floor Stripping and Waxing Services!

Do you want to apply a certain finish to the floor of your office? Doing so means that you can easily change the color of your floors by applying a new finish. However, applying for this finish can be a tough job. It’s not going to be easy to remove it as well. Don’t DIY. Instead, hire professionals like CORONA CLEANING Services to do it for you. We are known for our dependable construction cleaning services in Corona, CA, but we also offer reliable floor stripping & waxing services to our customers. Book an appointment with us now!

The floor of your office is subjected to a lot of wear and tear, especially if in the lobby and other high-traffic areas. This means that it will be prone to scratches and dents. However, while these dents and scratches might not be noticeable at first, they can lead to major damage if not fixed right away. Consider hiring professionals to strip the floors in your workplace and give them a new finish.

Our team uses modern equipment to remove the old layer of finish from your flooring. Once the floors have been stripped, you can apply a fresh coat of finish to them. If you want to change the floor’s color, simply inform us about it. Our experts will apply a finish that will protect the surface of the floors and ensure that your floor will look good for a long time. After the floors are stripped, they can be waxed to protect them from spills and stains.

One of the greatest advantages of hiring experts like us is that we’ll take off the floor stripping & waxing process from start to finish, which means that you won’t have anything to worry about. We also use high-quality floor waxes that will protect your floor from damage and make it beautiful for a long time. We offer professional and efficient flooring services that will meet your needs and exceed your expectations. If you want experts who can effectively strip and wax your floors, you won’t go wrong with choosing us.

CORONA CLEANING Services should be your first port of call if you’re looking for reliable floor stripping and waxing services in Corona, CA. Schedule an appointment with our team today! You can also dial (951) 254-8048 if you’d like to use our construction cleaning solutions and other top-tier cleaning services.

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